Scott FitzGerald Etchings

For more than twenty years, Scott FitzGerald has been producing intricately detailed etchings and luminescent landscape oils. His work is featured in numerous public and private collections.
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Fair Days60/2503.5" circular imageSF 1SOLD
Three RosesA/P xx/xxv2.5" x 4"SF 2$60.00
Repairs40/1755.75" x 4"SF 3$125.00
The Tree35/2004.675" x 3.875"SF 4SOLD
A Meeting at Dawn65/1004.875" x 5.75"SF 5$80.00
The Decoy Carver57/2004" x 5.75"SF 6$125.00
On The Hill22/1754.875" x 3.375"SF 7SOLD
A Small Garden76/2005.375" x 7"SF 8SOLD
Breakfast20/2005" x 6.75"SF 9$125.00
Bird in Nest75/755.75" x 7.75"SF 10$125.00
Spring50/1754.5" x 7.75"SF 11$75.00
Spring7/154.5" x 7.75"SF 12$80.00
MoonlightA/P5.75" x 8.75"SF 13$165.00
The Antique Clock Shop81/2006.5" circular imageSF 14SOLD
The Modjeska HouseA/P7.75"x 9"SF 15$150.00
An Old Friend72/2505.75" x 9"SF 16$100.00
At Rest56/1505.75" x 9" ColorSF 17$200.00
The Huntington Sheraton Hotel36/1008" x 9"SF 18SOLD
The Whitaker-Jaynes House55/1508" x 9"SF 19$150.00
Nautical Antiques55/25012" x 17.5"SF 20$900.00
Victorian AntiquesA/P xvii/xxx11.75" x 17.5"SF 21$950.00
Merry Christmas132/30014" x 21"SF 22$2,000.00
In An English GardenA/P x/xx13.25" x 21" ColorSF 23$1,000.00
Fireside Christmas169/25011.5" x 17.5" Color, framedSF 24$2,000.00
Visions of Childhoodsix broadsides on 15" x 22.5" Arches paper, each with a classic Robert Louis Stevenson poem printed by The Whittington Press of England and a 4.675" x 7.25" etching, all housed in a special slipcase
 The Land of CounterpaneA/P xiii/xv  
 The Moon25/125  
 Picture-Books in Winter62/125  
 The Flowers58/125  
 Block City47/125  
 A Good PlayA/P xiii/xvSF 25$1,200.00
Night Train85/2002.75" x 3.875" framedSF 26$75.00
California '47 8.75" x 10.25" framedSF 27$350.00
The Old Red Car148/1507.75" x 9.75" framedSF 28$250.00
Powell Street TrolleyA/P7.75" x 11.75" framedSF 29$450.00
Fred's Market33/12511" x 17" framedSF 30$550.00
Main Street News46/2508.75" x 14.675" unframedSF 31$550.00
By the Chimney77/2508.5" x 7.5" unframedSF 32$150.00
Under the Tree137/2508.5" x 7" unframedSF 33$350.00
The New Horse76/2508.5" x 7" unframedSF 30$150.00
Sneaking a Peek96/2508.5" x 7" unframedSF 34$150.00